I Miss The Gamecube.

It’s true; I miss that little gaming lunchbox so much.

I miss that cheerful little tune that plays when you start it up.

I miss Mario Sunshine with the mind-infecting Delfino Plaza music and smile inducing visuals.

I miss Double Dash with my sister, back when she was a better driver and made be be the item tosser and opponent smacker while she did the hard stuff.

I miss Smash Melee parties- four people crowding around a little screen and swapping out the person that came in last place with the first waiting in line to play.

I miss Mario Party 4 and screaming at my friends and family due to Game of Thrones level backstabbing and all the chaos that ensues.

I miss Twilight Princess and waiting for my Mom to come back from America for Christmas with a copy of it for my Christmas gift.

I miss those controllers that could take a beating.

I miss those dumb little discs that made no sense but were simultaneously super cool.

I miss split-screen James Bond: Nightfire with my cousins in the basement at Grandma’s house for Christmas, eagerly anticipating what new game or Start Wars figure I’d be getting in mere hours.

I miss Star Wars: Jedi Outcast and pretending I was playing Halo because I didn’t have an Xbox like the rich kids.

I miss the easy times of being a child and my biggest problem was that I didn’t have other consoles that I thought I needed. 

The Nintendo Gamecube was such a simple console that made having fun so easy. I didn’t appreciate it when it was all I had, much like anything in life. I wish I just spent more time enjoying what I had instead of longing for more and more other things. We spend so much time wanting things that we don’t have, but constantly forget the things we are blessed with and are fortunate enough have. Here I am now with every console, any game that I would ever want, and yet I still often feel unfulfilled. Maybe this says something about me and my obsession with nostalgia, but I often wish I could go back in time to when everything was so easy, knowing what I know now, and just simply relax and enjoy everything in life that was fun and stress free – like the Gamecube.

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I’ll say it. GameCube is the best gaming platform.