About Cannonicity

Canonicity:  The quality or state of being canonical.” – Merriam -Webster

Cannonicity: The quality or state of being ‘the bomb,’ ‘an absolute blast,’ etc.” – Cannonicity.com


Our goal at Cannonicity is to determine if a game is “Cannon” (spelling intended for the sake of the pun) for a reader who is interested in the title. Rather than simply assign a number to a game, we intend to give a full description of how a game plays and provide a conclusion statement about what sort of players we think would enjoy any given title. While we may not personally love every aspect of certain genres of games, we aim to express how fans of those genres would absolutely LOVE the game in question. Therefore, our goal is to guide those fans to a game they may not have heard of, or skipped because it didn’t receive over a “9 out of 10” from major critics.

Along with reviewing current games, we wanted to create this site so we could retrospect about our favorite older games and game series and  reminisce about some of our great memories in gaming. We will not be delving into politics or matters similar to that, as we want to focus on the games themselves and the happiness and fun they can bring, rather than digressing into upsetting people and starting arguments over tangential topics.

Thank you for visiting our little site, and we hope that you enjoy what you see! If you have any recommendations of games to review, topics to cover, or general suggestions of the site as a whole, please feel free to reach out to any of us! Again, thank you for taking to time to stop by!


– Eric Martin and Garth Murray